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Sisterhood is a gentle but fearless adventure into the dark heart of patriarchal rule. Based on the history of the witch trials, Sisterhood is a newly devised multimedia tale introducing you to a sisterhood caught between two timelines: the witch trails of the 16th C and modern-day women facing a world in political and environmental upheaval. Sisterhood transports the audience, to a church cell, where three women aged 20,40 and 60 (But not a virgin,  mother or hag in sight) await their trial in the morning. Soothing and passionate storytelling interweaves the stories of these three characters with vestiges from the performer’s own lives, to reveal an immediate and clear association.

This performance is part of a “Healing Tour” that’s following the footsteps of Matthew Hopkins, self-proclaimed Witchfinder General. Starting on the full moon and ending at Halloween, Sisterhood is performing in 10 of the main locations Hopkins reigned his terror. In just three years he was responsible for killing 60% of those executed for witchcraft in the UK.


“GROUNDBREAKING WORK At its core Sisterhood is a superbly written, intelligent, and essential play, masterfully portrayed by it’s three actresses.” – Fringe Review